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"My Work Speaks for Itself and Others will Speak for me" 

Resume of   Sarah Diane Reid

I have over 30 years’ experience with many computer concepts.  I practice doing nothing but good things with my talents that God has given me.  I am always learning and amazed at where we have come to where we are going today. The Sky is definitely the limit!  I hope you enjoy the websites I developed.

About Me

  • First I must give God the credit for all my talents & gifts 

  • I am a Professional Computer Programmer/Web Designer

  • I am a Program Consultant & Systems Analyst

  • I am Creative, Inventive, Curious, & Professional

  • I been in Business over 30 years & I am still excited about all the things I can do with computers. 

  • I am Brave, Bold and Dive into new program languages

  • I am Honest, Reliable and Dedicated to what I Do

  • You can Trust Me to get the job done professionally

  • I am into Quality Designing and Not Quantity

  • I am forever studying, learning, analyzing & I ultimately realize you can never know it all

  • I work hard and put many long hours into every project

  • I have a Natural gift to Teach Others & I can Train Anyone

  • I really like Computer Technical Support & I truly love to help people

  • I Pay Attention to Details: Colors, Sounds, Graphics, Pictures, Videos, Music, Animations, Web Designs, Program Code, Database Technologies etc.  I like to make websites appeal to all your senses.

  • No Job is too small or big for me.  I will work it out.

  • This may sound too good to be true but it is true.

  • My Favorite Saying - "My Work Speaks for Itself and Others will Speak for me"

  • My Business Website is

Everyone Needs a Website
Can you count the stars in heaven like God promised to Multiply Abraham's Seed

Call or Text me at (727) 323-4677


I would love to communicate with you

Everything on this website is truth about my work experiences and life as a computer programmer/specialist. I wrote this and therefore I know it.

Print Resume & Cover Letter Here.

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Sarah Reid's Job Experiences

No Job is too Small for me to work on

Website Developer

I Design and Develop from the heart and pay attention to details for the end users ultimate experience.  Website Designing is fun and exciting because you can invent unique things that do not exist yet.  You can help many people by creating something they are passionate about. It makes a difference when you like your job verses just doing a job because you have to.

Computer Programmer

No Matter How Complex the languages are I am always open and  willing to learn.  I go back to the old green or amber screen days totally without any animation, videos, images, graphics, sounds, music, wonderful colors etc....   I have seen this industry grow from the ground up tremendously and I still like what I do. 

Can you even imagine no colors, sounds, videos, music, Phones, TV........on a PC........?   WOW!!!!!!!!

Systems/Programmer Analyst

Show me your computer problems and I will show you many solutions.  I can set up  a small 1 man operation to a small business network of computers as well as work for the larger corporations.

There is so much more to being a programmer/analyst than meets the eye.

New 3 letter acronyms popup everyday in this field you can't even keep up with it.  Here is one I made up..... H.P.G (figure it out)

Computer Consultant

I have worked with & helped many people from various backgrounds, businesses, age groups, education & experience.  Just give me a call and lets see if I can help you.  (727)323-4677.  I am not afraid to answer the phone or call you back.


Just call and see if I can help you.  If I can't, I will let you know that too and direct you to another person who may be able to help you. 

Computer Training

I have trained from very young children to over 90 years old.  If they are willing to learn, I can successfully train them.  No matter what they are facing I am willing to help them learn.

I owned my own computer training facility in the past and walked many through their required software for work.  I really love training people to just see the happiness on their face when they start to understand the subject.

I will use my talents to do good in this world and this is one way I can do it.

Graphic / Video Designer

I really enjoy working with images, such as pictures, animations, graphics and videos.  It makes your website come alive.  We learn by hearing, seeing, touching and doing.  Add a sound byte to say "Don't Touch that Button".  I guarantee they will click, swipe or touch it.  


So images, sounds & videos can really help users learn about the websites main subject or goal.

This is one of my favorite things to do because I like inventing and designing something unique.

Technical Support

Communication over the phone, online or in person is no problem with me.  I can talk your ear off and get the subject across in simple layman's terms or I can let you talk over me and learn from you as well. 

I really like Technical Support and writing online help documentation as well as video training and I truly love to help people.


I have written many technical manuals on how to use the software that I personally developed in house or online.

If I do not have the answer I will let you know.  I won't make one up.  I may figure it out later and get back to you or refer another person that could help you.

Hardware / Networking

I have built machines from scratch (case, motherboard, hard drive, memory, power supply, cd player, etc..., or  repaired and upgraded machines.  I have also networked from 2 personal computers to 50 people in a small business. 


I have used and installed various networks: Lantastic, Novell, Windows for Workgroups, 3.1, 95, 98, NT, 2000, Google - Wifi - Mesh.

I've used various network routers such as netgear, linksys, cable modems etc.  I even made my own coax cables and RJ45 network connectors.

As you can see, I am not afraid to learn it.

Trouble Shooting / Repair

From Troubleshooting a network by a process of elimination to upgrading computer software & installing a motherboard, hard-drive, printer or CD Player.  You name it, I probably done it.  Hardware is not my strongest point of happiness but I have learned it to expand my knowledge and experiences.

Database Specialist

I must have a specialty and that is... I love working with databases.  I have worked with SQL Server, Access Database, Foxpro, Foxbase, Data Ease, Dbase, Superbase, Paradox, Condor, too many to list etc.... 

I have converted millions of data from various older data platforms into newer platforms. I never get tired of it.  I like taking old data and incorporating it into a more modern system.  Relational databases are awesome to work with today.

Software Applications 

Wow were do I begin with various software applications?  I have used and installed more than I could even list here.  From older software programs like d-base, condor to more modern Microsoft Products like MS-Windows, MS-Office, MS-Teams, MS-Projects, Visual Studio,   Telerik Reporting, Kendo Grids, CSS, HTML, Camtasia etc.... Sorry I am out of breath and cannot list them all here.

Operating Systems

Worked with older operating systems such as CPM, Unix, MS-DOS, Windows 1.0 to Windows 2000 to Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit)   


I currently work with the most popular versions of windows. 


Featured Projects

This is my own business website.  I have been in business over 30 years and it has been like a hobby to me because I actually love what I do for a living.  I get to be creative, invent and design things from scratch.  I love to see the end user happy with my end product and have some fun being creative doing it.  I try to think out of the box and come up with something nobody else has.  If you want to know more about my accomplishments then view my business website at

I had allot of fun creating this website and I was allowed free reign to be as creative and wild with the design with the help of their input.  This website creates allot of revenue for this organization and I am so glad because helping children is dear to my heart.  The Philanthropy is a good one.  Notice the set of standard colors, fonts, menus, images, videos etc.. throughout the entire website.  When ever I create a website I try and envision it first and what it is all about.  A good designer will notice the great detail and advanced technology in this website.

All website links on this resume have been created by Sarah Diane Reid. Every website will have a link back to

This is a very inspired website I created because I was given total freedom to express my creativity without any hindrances in coming up with the design.  This website gets a tremendous amount of traffic therefore it is successful.  This organization is also very dear to my heart because of their amazing philanthropy.  This organization has plenty of information online and it was a wonderful and exciting experience in creating it.  I was kept up to date and totally inspired by their dedication.  Notice the set of standard colors, fonts, menus, images, videos etc.. throughout the entire website.  I even took the red color from the original fez and peppered the exact red color throughout the entire website.  A good designer will pay attention and notice this detail.

Again I had allot of fun developing this website.  Notice the standard American theme and color schemes through out the site.  Try clicking on the balloon because there is sound behind that floating balloon.  The clouds are real clouds in a video and the balloon logo was redesigned by myself.  Watch how even the colors in the videos work together.  This amount of detail takes time and effort to make it pleasing to view.  I loved working this one, because I had a fantastic person to work with and was given plenty of inspiration.

Sarah Diane Reid's References

These people have all made a positive impact in my life

Get in Touch with me

I would love to speak with you.  I am a real person and I really answer my phone.  If I am not available please leave a detailed message so I can get back to you as soon as possible. 

(727) 323-4677

Yep that is me, the shortest one always in the the middle front row.  I was  finished training my students onsite at a government facility and handing them their certificates of completion from my business at

I love the smiles on their faces.

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